Melinda Nelson-Hurst is an Egyptologist whose interests lie in the social history and archaeology of ancient Egypt.  She has worked most extensively on families and their influence within the state administration during the period of the Middle Kingdom.  Since starting a new research project on the Egyptian Collection at Tulane University in 2012, her interests have expanded into the modern history of the field of Egyptology and Egyptian collections.  You can also follow her on twitter @dr_mgnh.


One response to “About”

  1. Hisham El Kheshen says :

    Dr Milinda my name is Hisham El Kheshen & I am an Egyptian novelist. I am now at the point of researching my next novel. Among my points of interests are storylines from the pharonic age. I believe that we as Egyptians have not written enough contemporary literature about our forefathers. My latest novel which has had some major crtical acclaim was about women suffrage early in hte past century. I came across your blog & found it extremely intriguing & informative. I thought to communicate with you & enquire if you think you would have a storyline that relates to social pharonic egypt especially with the position of women like may be Tjait? It would be great if you have the time & energy for us to collaborate on this as I believe that this era still has so many stories untold. I hope to hear from you soon


    Hisham El Kheshen

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